„5 minutes” – is it really enough?

As I said – when entering the web-to-print market, time is the most important resource. In our advertising folders, we are proud to say that “iwarePRINT is the first fully automatic web-to-print system, so you can start printery in just five minutes.” What does it mean and what is to be done in five minutes?

Fully automatic

iwarePRINT can be launched without our help at any time of day or night without sending a request or notification. Visit iwarePRINT.pl, enter the printery’s name, password, e-mail, click start and… that’s it. You have just launched a web printery. You can now login, get familiar with the system, and start configuring. The whole process takes less than two minutes.

5 minutes or even less

In managing the rest of time, “the quick setup” will be helpful. It’s a set of maximally simplified configuration wizards – from uploading the logo and entering basic information about the company to finally stocking up the store with selected products, available from the pre-prepared fourteen of them. Changes in elements like the banner or boxes take only a few seconds, with a maximum of tens of seconds. Configuring the first product can take from a half a minute to a few minutes. If someone is doing it carefully and slowly, then in spite of everything, it shouldn’t take anyone more than 2-3 minutes for each product.

Five minutes’ time is enough then to start the printery, fill in the basic information, change the logo, and set up several products. It’s a quite good result, but it’s difficult to speak of fully functional printery. How much time can take a complete configuration and customization of the store?

Two days

In preparing the demo for trade fairs, we wanted to fully configure the printery with all the modules. Stocking up fourteen products took just over two hours. The rest of the first day, that is about four to five hours, I spent on configuring individual modules – the Wizard, Production, and Automatic pre-flight. Additionally, I set the shipping, product icons, templates, parameters, etc. On the second day, I could primarily take care of the settings, the appearance and operation of the frontend, which is what the customer sees. Changing banners, supplementing parts of the articles or minor changes in CSS and HTML. Finally, I finished all of it in two days and was pretty proud of myself. Until I saw what one of our customers did in two days, also preparing for the fair. A completely changed graphic layout, several products already introduced and several waiting for completion, and a precise configuration of the basic e-commerce module. The store, except for a few trifles, looked resent and active on the web-to-print market for a long time.

In such a short time, you can, therefore, either focus on the configuration of all the modules and make small graphic changes, or concentrate on setting up a basic module, while devoting the rest of the time to personalize your site’s appearance. What to do with the rest of the 30-day trial period? How much time is needed to launch a new web-to-print system starting from scratch?

Two weeks

That’s the period of time needed by one of our latest customers to fully launch his/her online printery and start selling products. This result impressed me. First of all, because it wasn’t a premature or incomplete start. I realized with my own eyes that you can start a web-to-print system from the beginning to the end in a very short time. Undoubtedly, the key here is the experience and proper preparation – the customer had already used another w2p system. Lots of work has also been done by the designers and coders working on the printery – icons, animations, the new look of the menu and virtually, the entire template. In the meantime, payments have been attached as well as the Terms and Conditions, the SSL certificate, and other necessary things required for running the store. Two weeks after clicking “start”, the system has been working under its own domain.


The printery can be launched in 5 minutes. Two days are enough to prepare several products and personalize the printery or fully configure all the modules. Two weeks are enough to run the printery on one’s own domain and start selling online. Where will your printery be in two weeks’ time, is only up to you – just click „start” today!

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