From the programmer’s point of view: The benefits of using API in the iwarePRINT system

 codeFrom the beginning, the development of the iwarePRINT system was based on implementation prepared for the next customers. This model of application development has many advantages, including the fact that the software prepared in this way is a response to the target needs of the customers. This solution makes sense as long as all the customers need similar functions. However, at some point, conflicts arise. Then you have to prepare the software for each customer individually – that generates additional implementation costs and the price presented to the customer is higher.

In the subscription version, iwarePRINT is a software that is not customized for each customer – all functions of the application have been collected, analyzed, and converted in such a way as to fit to the largest number of customers. Such a solution, although much cheaper for the customer than a dedicated system and much faster to start, generates a certain problem. What if the function required is not available in the system? How to meet the “boxed” software version with the ability to implement functionality that can be adapted for just one client? A team of iwarePRINT programmers prepared a solution to this problem in the form of the iwarePRINT API.

Our API expands the software capabilities as part of individual customization, allowing external programmers to access objects such as orders, products, customers’ files, and users. But what may be the practical application? For example, the integration with a copyrighted software to manage invoices. Through the API, you can retrieve order information from the iwarePRINT system, all the data necessary for the invoice, and enter them into an invoicing software. Integration with the courier, the payment system, the SMS gateway, or maybe your own way to deliver image files to the order – that is, for example, an individual wizard. This is only a small part of the functions offered by our solution.

Is the use of API difficult and needs to employ an entire staff of specialists to use its features?

Our programmers made sure that everything is prepared in a simple way to use for external contractors in order to maximally ease implementation, and so that the level of skills of the programmer wouldn’t be any big obstacle. All communication takes place via HTTP requests, by sending and receiving simple and readable JSON data. Documentation has been written in a concise and readable way, without unnecessary information, so there is no need to study any multi-page PDF files, as is often the case in similar solutions. In addition, there is also a sample code written in PHP and featuring the use of particular functions. Of course, any other programming language can be used – there are no obstacles here.

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Main programmer of the iwarePRINT system, experienced in implementation of large online printeries. On the blog, he shares his vast knowledge and experience. Privately, besides programming, he’s passionate about 3D printing.

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