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In the course of our work, we observed that customers often decide to enter their products into the system using the variant option. Apart from the use of external price lists, the main cause – for which they opt for this possibility – is the amount of time needed to enter the product into the system. A seemingly faster solution appears to be choosing parameters and their values, and then automatically generating all possible combinations and setting their prices. Is this really so?


If we have to complete dozens of items or if we can simply copy the prices of our file, then yes – it really is a quick solution – but only in the beginning. Subsequent maintenance of variant price lists is associated with a greater workload. Preparing the calculator requires additional work in the initial phase. This solution is, however, much more convenient and easier to maintain and edit.


People familiar with the office suites know how great the opportunities associated with them are. A variety of functions allows handling almost any algorithm of the price sheet calculation. Its function does not have to only end with the setting of the final price. Imagination is the only limit here.

More information

In the variant option, we see a specific configuration of the product and its price. In the calculated print, based on the same input data, we can calculate the actual cost of production (including separate costs: printing, paper, cutting, laminating, creasing, etc.), and then manipulate the data by including one’s own margin, calculation of the agency, or retail price.

Less work

Has the cost of paper changed and so prices need to be changed as well? No problem. Just edit one cell in the calculator and update it in the system. It sounds better than manual editing thousands of items. In addition, the calculators can be created, not only for each product individually, but as one for all products having the same base costs, thus, even more, reducing the editing time.

A self-contained tool

A well-prepared calculator is a tool acting automatically. Even if it is not used in the system as a calculation engine, it can be successfully used for preparing valuations or as a separate, auxiliary data source.

Assistance in preparation

If you don’t have time to create a calculator on your own, please contact us – we can offer you help.

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