Usability in online printery

A websites’ usability, based on the ISO 9241 standard, is a measure of its ability to achieve its given goals in a given context in an efficient, effective way that satisfies the user. Numerous studies have shown that the usability has a real impact on sales’ indicators – e.g. the often-mentioned Empirix research shows that 91% of Internet users give up after three futile attempts to perform the action desired in the service. It’s easy to notice even the relationship with a shopping cart abandonment factor. So how to improve the usability of your printer in a free and easy way using the functionalities of the iwarePRINT system?

The service, especially in the printing industry, should offer answers to all the questions that a potential customer might ask. For example:

  • Can I order a test print (a proof)?
  • What are the payment methods?
  • What are the forms of delivery?
  • How much is the shipping?
  • What does “4+0” mean?
  • How can I make a complaint?

A built-in CMS (content management system to easily create and update the Web service) allows you to create your own FAQ section divided into several categories such as: Payments, Delivery, Complaints, Printing glossary, Assortment, etc.

Necessary information cannot be missing in the process of ordering as well. Editing options of each product include the Additional information section where you can configure such tabs as:

  • Templates – here are the files needed for the realization of your own project with various extensions.
  • Product gallery – where you can post photographs of sample realizations.
  • Text – where you can post any text information – e.g. a longer, more detailed product description.
  • List – where you can post additional text information for a given value or illustrations of the elements of specific parameters.

Descriptions of the parameters and their values are equally important. Properly formulated explanations can dispel customer’s doubts at a crucial moment. With each parameter, you can place a tooltip, which is a hint in the form of a balloon that appears when you move the cursor on it. There, the customer can find e.g. a hint regarding the paper weight or explanations of the types of refinement.

The basis for building a trustworthy image is the possibility of diverse and easy contact. Our system allows you to send contact information in three ways:

  • By using the Contact together with the map subpage, where you can post additional information – e.g. directions to the headquarters.
  • In the Write or call column in the footer of the page.
  • Contact form

Selected elements can be accessed from both the main top menu as well as the footer of the page, depending on your preference.

An important element, also associated with building trust, is the up-to-date information and its accuracy. Our CMS allows a convenient and quick editing of outdated articles or of any kind of typos or spelling errors. You can also edit mailing messages automatically sent to customers.

To sum up, when creating an online store, you should be aware of the availability of information, of building your customer’s trust, and of the fact that content optimization is the least expensive, yet the fastest way to improve usability.

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Sebastian Kamieniarz

Functional Text Specialist. At IWARE, he deals with software analytics and verification, as well as advisory on calculated print and utility.

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