Why does implementation take so long?

When starting an online store for the printery or a company in the printing industry, managers often skip past experience and common sense by trying to do everything on their own. If it were about the introduction of any other major change in their company, they would necessarily gather a team of employees, present their vision to them, divide up the tasks, and supervise their execution. But when it comes to launching a web-to-print, they take everything on their shoulders. From the introduction of the products through configuring, to supplementing the content of the articles on the page.

Such an approach is doomed to failure and implementation carried out in this way takes at least a few months. If an F1 driver had to manually change the wheel at the pitstop, he would have no chance of winning.

Don’t do everything by yourself!

It is definitely better for your business and for your mental health to make full use of the resources you already have – human resources. The division of work on the implementation brings additional benefits – it reduces the common reluctance of employees to changes. They can feel as being a part of them, so the fear of the unknown and the resistance melts as quickly as snow in April ;). If the secondment of duties for existing employees is, for some reason, impossible, it is worth considering hiring a person dedicated to the implementation. This can be just a temporary job until the completion of the project. What is important, is that the person responsible for it can devote one hundred percent to the implementation phase from beginning to end and not on a four-day holiday or every second day, half an hour after dinner for example.

Testing or implementing?

It’s best to start with a simple setting of the limits – when you finish the tests and when you move on to executing implementation. We offer 30 days of a free iwarePRINT trial to everyone – just go to the page and click “start”. For some of our (future) customers, a week or two is enough to see how the system acts and whether it has all the functionalities they need. After that date, they start the implementation part. Others, however, run all six available modules at the start, beginning with the configuration of one of them while focusing on entering the products, testing another module, and so on. Test while testing, implement while implementing. Mark a date on your calendar and afterwards, take care only of the components necessary to run the store. As one customer puts it: „tests being tests, but you need to start earning money.”


Whether you realize it or not, the implementation of the web-to-print system for your company is probably the biggest project since its foundation. Do not underestimate it just because it seems to be easy and simple. Think more of it as climbing a mountain peak – you want to be well-prepared and have everything planned ahead of time.

Make a list of the key steps, refer to the legal requirements regarding the online store. Prepare the necessary graphics – banners, icons, and boxes. Think of payment methods within the service. Decide who will be doing what and set the deadlines. Good organization of the implementation is as important as good organization of any other project in the company. After the start of the implementation phase, please don’t add any more changes, unless they are necessary. Any change to the plan inevitably prolongs the time of completion.

If you should need help, please contact us. We are more than happy to share our years-long experience.

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