Workflow iwarePRINT: creating a new product

Do you want to create a new product in your printing house? Do not worry – this is not rocket science. We have prepared Quick Setup to make it even easier to you.

Quick setup offers 14 basic products. If you want to add another – you can do it yourself.

This is the workflow of creating a new product:

Step 1.

At the beginning – the basis of all products are parameters and their values. For example – Quantity – 100 pieces, 200 pieces.

In this step you should define all the parameters and their values ​​that you will need to create a new product. In addition, we also recommend to prepare mock-up of the product and pictures for the gallery (but it is not necessary).

Step 2.

If the parameter list is ready, we can proceed to work on the system. We go to the tab Assortment -> Parameters. We present next activities on videos below – we recommend watching in Full screen HD.

How to create a new parameter:

How to add a parameter value:

It is worth sticking to the constant naming. For example – Color 4+0, 4+4, e.t.c. It will make your offer transparent to customers.

Step 3.

Now you have to decide – variant-based product or excel-based product?

Variant product means that prices are given for specific combinations of parameter values. For example – business cards:

Size [in]: 10,5×7,25; Paper: 80 lb. Coated Matte Cover; Color: Full color duplex (4+4); Quantity: 100

The other value of any of the parameters – this is a different variant of the product.

The calculated products are based on Excel sheets. For the parameters selected by the customer on the store’s website Excel calculate the final price.

This is the time to create a new product.



The first part is always the same – in tab Parameters we choose the parameters we need and their values. There we define all values ​​ which the customer will be able to choose on the store’s website.

Step 4.

Price. In the variant product, you can add each price manually or export a list of all variants to a Excel file and assign prices there.

In the excel-based product you can load previously prepared calculator and define  in the tab Excel in product which cells in the sheet will be entered individual values.

This is the end – we have just added a new product.

Summarizing – workflow in 4 steps:
  1. Define parameters and their values.
  2. Create new parameters and add values
  3. Create a new product and set parameters
  4. Add prices

Have fun adding products!

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